About Slothilda

Slothilda is an animated web comic about an awkward little sloth's journey of self discovery. Watch Slothilda face life's many challenges as she struggles to overcome her innate desire to sloth. She's quiet, loves to sleep, and looks forward to spending her day doing absolutely nothing. It's too bad she also yearns for a life of meaning and personal growth. Living the sloth life is harder than it seems.

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About the Author

Hi everyone! My name is Dante, and I’m the creator of Slothilda Sloth. Slothilda was (and still is) inspired by my struggle to overcome my inner sloth and my inner critic. Everyday I find myself working through feelings of laziness, and doubt. Slothilda is a representation of those inner thoughts and experiences.  She’s also a symbol of humor and empathy in that universal feeling of imperfection. I hope you enjoy my comics. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions I would love to hear from you!  slothilda@slothilda.com