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About Slothilda  

Meet Slothilda!  She's your spirit animal - an ambitious little sloth who'd rather just take it easy. 

Slothilda explores an inner conflict we can all relate to―the desire to succeed and grow, while paradoxically dealing with the ever present temptation to sloth. Watch as Slothilda takes on work, fitness, food, shopping, home-life and pets. This comic shows that you're not the only sloth at heart.

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About the Author


Curious to know how I came up with Slothilda? Check out this article I wrote for MEDIUM - click here!

Want to know more about my background, and Slothilda's origins? You can read all about my journey in this interview - click here!

My name is Dante Fabiero, and I'm an animator/author based out of Los Angeles. I've worked on shows like The Simpsons, American Dad, Disenchantment and The Cosmos. Currently, I'm working as an animator on an upcoming TV series titled Bless The Harts.

In my spare time, I enjoy sharing new comics featuring Slothilda through my bi-weekly e-mail newsletter. Most of my inspiration comes from personal experience, my wife, and my real-life corgi, Peanut!

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions I would love to hear from you. I read and respond to every message, so give me a shout.

For rights inquiries, please contact my literary agent:

Mark Gottlieb
Literary Agent
Trident Media Group

(212) 333-1506