Scroll down to see my process from rough-sketch to finished comic!


Step 1 - I always start out with a rough sketch where I figure out the bare necessities. I’m more concerned with fleshing out the concept at this point rather than focusing on making pretty drawings.


Step 2 - Once I’m committed to a joke I begin fine-tuning the drawings a bit to figure out character expressions and overall composition. (Sometimes I’ll change the wording at this point too.)


Step 3 - Now that the I’ve got a solid foundation for the joke, composition, and character expressions, it’s time to clean up the lines!


Step 4 - Last but not least, it’s the coloring phase, and then we’re all done!


I hope you enjoyed this week’s post - a quick and basic run-down of my creative process. If you’re interested in seeing more content like this just let me know. Or if you’ve got any questions, simply leave a comment below. I’m more than happy to answer!